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Chrome ziet netwerk drives niet

Chrome ziet netwerk drives niet, hieronder een complete reset van de instellingen die het probleem kunnen oplossen 

  1. First download remove-chrome.zip from here.
  2. Open remove-chrome.zip and you will find a registry key file namedremove.reg. Extract this file.
  3. Now, double-click on the remove.reg file that you have just extracted.
  4. In the confirmation window to import the file, click on Yes. Then click onOK.
  5. Now, Go to the Start menu > Run. Alternatively press Windows + Rto open the Run… dialogue box.
  6. Enter one of the following commands in the text field, according to your operating system:
  7. For Windows XP users:
    %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Application Data\Google
  8. For Windows Vista/Windows 7 users:
  9. Now delete the Chrome’ folder in the directory that opens up to completely uninstall Google Chrome.

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